Safety Consulting Services


RiskAware takes into account both aspects to the cost of employee safety; workers’ compensation performance and regulatory compliance.   Our focus on workers’ compensation incorporates a proactive approach of providing supervisory and management training to provide solutions to the entire workers’ compensation exposure, not just the physical hazards identified in a single day.  Without empowering and educating the management team, workplace hazards and poor behaviors that result in losses will always resurface.

Our national network and in-house Safety and Risk Management Consultants provide:

  • Claims and Safety Benchmarking
  • On-Site Safety Consultation and Inspection Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Program Development and Implementation
  • Safety Program Development and Implementation
  • On-Site and Webinar Training Services
  • OSHA Outreach Training
  • Return to Work/Light Duty Program Development



Web-Based Loss Prevention Solutions:

In the mobile and digital world, accurate information is power and delivery is key.  RiskAware has partnered with the best service providers in the industry to provide training and safety incentive solutions to fit mobile and remote operations.

Risk Management Resource Center


Experience Mod Promulgation and Analysis

Many business owners see workers’ compensation insurance as a necessary cost of doing business, or a tax, and nothing more. These business owners don’t recognize the competitive advantage available to them by working proactively to reduce their workers’ comp premiums and the costs of losses.

RiskAware can help you achieve this lead against your competition. The amount you pay for workers’ comp premiums is based on a rating of your loss history called the experience modification factor, or mod. Almost every business has room to improve their mod and, in turn, save costs on their premium and total overall costs.

RiskAware delivers complete mod analysis to identify what losses are affecting your current mod rating, the lowest your mod could be and the amount of money in between the two that you could be saving. We can pinpoint cost drivers, such as frequency or severity, and develop specialized loss prevention and claims management solutions to address your business’s specific needs.